I have found that the busier I get, the more likely I am to forget things. Particularly ideas for the wedding. As well as the fact that I am totally scatterbrained.

We are at 20 months away. That is nearing the teens – which is definitely music to my ears. Everyone keeps telling me how fast the next 1 1/2 years is going to go by. I am torn – because once things start rolling – wooo are they going to fly.
So ideas – before I forget.

While browsing one of my favorite wedding blogs (Ya know, SMP) I came upon this very beautiful wedding in Maine, rustic and near the seashore; its the epitome of a New England shoreline wedding. They had some very sweet details, including the men all wearing kilts,(no ideas B-Man…), bright cheerful colors and the incorporation of guests in the wedding ceremony in what I thought was a very unique way.

I have seen a number of ceremonies that have included a blessing of the rings by the guests. Some brides/grooms chose to pass the rings around so everyone may “place their hands” on the rings in good blessings. Others do a “laying of hands” where everyone lays a hand on a neighbors shoulder and it eventually lands on the bride a groom. B and I love the idea that the people that we care most about will be able to participate in our ceremony and give their well wishes in a way that isn’t standard. The Maine wedding had a magical method that will incorporate beautifully into our garden ceremony.

A long roll of ribbon is the base of this part of the ceremony. I’m talking REALLY long- well over 100 feet. We would coordinate the color to our wedding colors. The rings would be tied onto the ribbon end, probably a few feet in to prevent the knots from slipping. The ribbon would start at the outside edge of one of the sides of the back row and be passed row by row crossing the aisle until it met the front. This would give guests the opportunity to bless the rings in a controlled way (hey – we’ll be paying a bit for the rings, don’t want to risk a drop on the ground prior to exchanging them!). When the wedding ceremony is over and after we are announced as Mr&Mrs for the first time, guests will stand, raising the ribbon above their heads so we may walk underneath the ribbon and their good blessings on our first walk as husband and wife.


I have been searching for a way to add a little magic or whimsy to the day without going over the top. I picture the ribbon portion of the wedding will be just the addition to make our garden ceremony magical. And really, how wonderful are the pictures?!?

Colors have been a major issue for me. I recently found out from the bridal store that the color I had chosen for my bridesmaids to wear has been discontinued. I had seen this gorgeous wedding that dressed the girls in a slate blue with intense pops of reddish/yellow/orange in the flowers, the effect was incredible. The solid, almost neutral background allowed for the flowers to truly exhibit their intense beauty. So far, I have not been able to find the right slate blue to replace the original choice – so I am now considering other color options. My criteria for color is simple. I want my maids to have dresses they could wear again. I want them to be in a color that everyone can wear without being overpowered, pasty or having a negative combination with their skin/hair color. Fortunately for me, the slate blue would have looked stellar on everyone and the bridal shop had many options to chose from in the tea length style – allowing for adaptations for different body types.

The dress color will have to wait because I have moved on to flowers for inspiration. My current love:


Swoooon. I can’t get over the beauty of this. The funny part? Not normally a pink girl. What I love – it’s a garden-y rustic. It is feminine and pretty but in handpicked, refined way. It also leans on fall colors without shouting “LOOK AT ME ITS LEAF PEEPER TIME IN NEW ENGLAND” because lets face it – mid september is NOT leaf peeper time.

B likes it too. So I am now looking for a color for the bridesmaids dresses that will allow these colors to shine.


I was thinking perhaps a sage green, maybe brown? slate blue if I can find it.


Next time – I will reveal the venue. Pinky promise.